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eMarketing and Email Marketing



eMarketing is all about connecting with your audience, in a non sales, non pressured way. Our Social Marketing services are tailored according to your business needs. Whether you’re looking to run an advert campaign on Facebook, reach new business on LinkedIn, or increase your followers on Twitter with a view to engage or run an eMarketing campaign – we can help. We provide services across all social platforms.

Our services include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogging
  • eMarketing


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

From one off blast emails to automated campaigns, we can do it all! As Email still remains the top performing source for ROI, it's crucial to make sure its performing at its peak and continually improving.

Our in house experts can devise a communications strategy to ensure your contacts are informed, not harassed. Achieving conversion rates of up to 30% is a sign of a well delivered campaign - and we’ll help you achieve this. We adhere to industry best practices and work continually to ensure your emails will get to your customers inbox and be opened.


Email Marketing Reach your audience with maximum results

Create professional-looking email campaigns without needing to know any code with our Email Marketing software. Produce targeted subscriber lists, create responsive and dynamic emails, integrate your social media notifications, and track the results in an easy-to-use fully-hosted solution.

In just five easy steps:

Collect – Gather information on your audience and get their consent to stay in contact

Create – Design engaging and relevant messages that appeal to your subscribers

Send – Deliver the message to the right audience at exactly the right time

Share – Leverage social media to let an even wider audience spread your message

Analyse - Measure the results to continually improve your campaigns

Features Overview: Base



Up to 200

Up to 10,000*




Responsive templates



Mailing lists



Social media tools

WordPress plug-in

Spam checks

Real-time analytics

Dynamic content

A/B Split testing

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